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Candidates will be sourced based on merit and in compliance with clients' diversity requirements
Strong Network Referral Strength in numbers with 25+ staff + being in the search business since the 2000's.
Database has been a work-in-progress since the 2000’s when some of the directors are already in the search business.
Assignment Specific - Headhunt targets to be agreed with the Client Proprietary tools to systematically map out organizations in incognito which eliminates risk of embarrassment of being found out to be headhunting from your competitors.

Our Role

Senior Talents

"Ability to Engage Senior Grade A Talents is Key"
  • Able to engage senior talents.
  • Incite interest in employer / role.
  • Build client's employer branding.
  • Uncover their 'true' motivation Facilitate closer engagement with Hiring Manager

Active Job Seekers

"Ability to identify and reach the right talent is key"

  • 20% of the pool
  • Junior candidates
  • Candidates in between jobs

Non-active Job Seekers

"Ability to identify and reach the right talent is key"

  • 80% of the pool
  • Senior talents in strategic roles Performers in companies
  • Requires effort to pull

Search Process

  • One point of contact Industry specialization
  • Function specialization
  • Proven track record
  • Complete recruitment solutions

Value Addition

Paradigm is committed to adding value at every stage of the recruitment process. We provide key insights into market direction, personnel development, total benefits packages and employer branding. This way, we can help you grow your brand, target stronger candidates and plan industrial growth.


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